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Enbridge is proposing to build two pipelines 1,170 kilometres from the tar sands to the coast at Kitimat, BC. From there, over 225 oil tankers would ply the rugged waters of British Columbia's north coast for the first time ever. Tar sands would be shipped, with no up-grading or refining, to Asian and U.S. markets. Read More »

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This map is an opportunity to learn more about the people and places that would be impacted by Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project if it were to proceed.

  1. Step 1: Locate

    Click on the 4 geographical sections in the map to navigate the pipeline. Start in the first section in the West Coast & Great Bear Rainforest and work your way towards the tar sands.

  2. Step 2: Explore

    Click on the 3 icons below to show or hide points in the map surrounding the proposed pipeline.

    What’s at Stake

    Discover the beauty and importance of the area and how it could be impacted by Enbridge’s project.


    Uncover a variety of incidents, including Enbridge’s spill record, that have already taken place in the avalanche-prone terrain and rough coast of the proposed route.


    Hear and see the voices and perspectives of potentially impacted residents on why they oppose Enbridge’s pipeline and tanker project.

  3. Step 3: Take Action

    Spread the word! Please share this map and click on the Take Action button to learn more about how you can help stop the proposed pipeline and tanker project.

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